Chad Humphrey

Why Chad?

Celebrating my 25th year in the mortgage industry, I pride myself with providing a white-glove experience for my clients.

Four years ago, I made the decision to open a branch of Edge Home Finance, the 2nd largest independent broker in America. Why?

  1. Lowest rates – I control my P&L and I run my Branch skinny and pass those savings onto our clients.
  2. Fast closings – We close in 10 days or less, allowing clients to compete and win against cash offers.
  3. Borrowers save thousands using a Mortgage Broker. A 2021 HMDA study showed an average savings of $9,407 using a Mortgage Broker over a Retail Lender or Mortgage Banker.
Throughout my career, I have worked with multiple companies and coaches to learn simple ways to easily connect with Buyers and Sellers, providing value first to earn their business and their referrals. 

Let’s connect and see if we have similar views to provide a relationship based, white-glove experience. 

Why Partner With Chad?

collaboration (noun) – as in partnership – the state of having a shared interests or efforts (as in social or business matter)

  • Are you looking to gain market share?
  • Have a passion for working with Buyers, Sellers or both?
  • Agree that you must provide value first, before you ask for the business?

Fact: Individuals must Know, Like and Trust you before they will consider doing business with you. I provide my real estate partners with solutions (free to them, I pay the costs) to make a simple conversation easy and effective. 

When you answer the question every Seller wants to know (how’s the market?) and the question every Buyer wants to know (is now a good time to buy?) with facts and not opinions, they trust you faster and engage with you more. 

Engage: I understand every real estate professional has a “go-to” mortgage person. I expect it. I want to earn your business.  Give me an opportunity to be your second choice and I will quickly show how we can collaborate together and win more. 

Let’s connect and see how like-minded we are with gaining marketshare and providing the value consumers demand today. 

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