How to build wealth in your home

Instantly receive a detailed home analysis report to understand all your options as a homeowner, including the true cost of selling a home in todays market.

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How Does It Work

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1. Lookup your address

Provide an address so we can analyze your home value and loan information

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Verify your current home and loan information to ensure an accurate report

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3. Receive the report

Receive a pdf report along with unlimited access to an online home portal

See What's Inside

Home Value

Whether you’re buying or selling, a home value estimate gives you insight into what you could gain financially and helps you form a strategy for moving forward.

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Equity Tracker

For most people, a home is their largest asset and accounts for over 80% of wealth at retirement. Receiving an accurate home valuation is important if you ever want to sell, refinance or borrow against your home’s equity

Transaction Estimator

Net sheets on demand. Know what each transaction will net you so you can make the right move when ready.

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loan payment tracker

Loan Payment Tracker

A timeline of your interest paydown and how the payment affects the principle balance over the life of your loan.

Principle Paydown Forecaster

This tool allows you the ability to see how paying more towards your balance might affect your loan payoff and interest savings.

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Mortgage Insurance

Know when or if you qualify to remove your PMI or MIP.

Refinance Advisor

Know about potential refinance opportunities available for your loan and help you save money.

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monthly rent

Monthly Rent Estimator

If you want to turn your property into an asset we show you an estimate of the possible rental value and how that asset might perform.

Purchase Power Calculator

Know what you can potentially qualify for if you used the equity in your home as a downpayment towards another property.

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